Some Autumn Introductions


The harvest season is here.

I'm not sure if I am becoming more of an old woman at heart lately or what- but this fall everything seems to feel so sentimental. Anyone else? Like, there is just something different about this season, this year. 


Any who, I really wanted to take a minute to tell you about Habitual Threads. The kind hearted gal, Haley Vera runs this business and let me tell you, she does it the right way. I recently stumbled upon her account through Instagram and low-behold a friendship blossomed out of it. Though we live in different states, FaceTime has made it feel as if we are right down the street from each other.

Habitual Threads is a a mixed media jewelry company based out of Philadelphia. Her necklaces are some of my favorite pieces to wear, they seem to go with anything I can pull from my closet and I love that they are made with purpose. There is so much to tell about Haley and HT but for now I will just give you some quick break downs of why you should keep an eye on her.

Worth Wearing

HT creates beautiful jewelry that is hand made and created to last. Her modern design was first inspired by a walk through the hardware store of all places. Haley believes in creating pieces that are made of high quality materials and with intention. You won't find any corners being cut in her process to create for you.

Moved by Love

The vision of HT is to support the basic needs of others, they do this by connecting their customers with the causes that they care about. With every piece sold, $5 is donated to different philanthropic partners who provide food, water, shelter, family, and mental health care to those in need. 

Forward Moving

The growth of HT has been a very natural progression. It all began with the first necklace that Haley made as a gift for someone. From launching her online store, and featuring her line in various shops like her local Madewell it is obvious this company is on the move. Haley is the type of person who is no stranger to the obvious, launching a business is hard work and can take a tole on your emotions and confidence. It is through the moments when you feel close to cracking, that prove it will work. 

Rosewood co

I often find it hard as a business owner to confidently promote other businesses and individuals racing towards the same goals as myself or selling a similar product. There is a fear that if other people find out that "George down the street" is doing something like what I am doing, I will loose business and my company suffer. But the truth of the matter is that there is enough business to go around. It tests your confidence and your humility but it is true. If your putting something out there that is worth having and fulfilling a need, the business is there no matter how many "competitors" you have. 

There is enough business to go around. 

Lets boast in our friends and the strangers who are starting up businesses just like ours! If I have any hope of doing well with Rosewood co, I know it cannot be at the expense of those around me. 

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