Shipping & Returns


Shipping Information

To keep costs down for you, please contact RSWDco with your zip code and order info to have a listing on the site just for you with an exact shipping cost of your piece. Otherwise the following rates apply:


UPS standard ground shipping for all packages:

0lbs - 40lbs $150.00

41lbs - 49lbs $165.00

50lbs - 99lbs $350.00

 100lbs - 250lbs $550.00


RSWDco does not accept returns or exchanges once items have been purchased. If there is ever anything wrong with your purchase once you have received it, feel free to contact us, your satisfaction is a priority to us. We are happy to talk about it. 



Anything else you want to chat about? We'd love to hear from you! Simply fill out the 'Contact us' form and someone will be in touch soon.