Month One

Hello Entrepreneur Life! 


Here I am, just over one month in of being the boss and running my own business. Very. Crazy. 

Just about four years ago I was beginning college and pursuing a  Church Leadership major with a minor in Marriage and Family Counseling. I would of laughed if you told me I would be running my own custom table business four year from then. But, maybe I would of believed you a little too... I often feel like I never, ever know what life will bring around the corner, and that is something I think I will always be right about. 

Up to this point, I have learned more than I can type out to you here. I will try to give a recap though, to what this month has been like for me. First I'll start with the emotional side, cause why not, I'm a girl, right? But, oh boy. I have had so many days where I wake up excited and rested, then by lunch I am nervous but still excited. Afternoon coffee hour comes, and I am a wreck, stressed from every angle, exhausted from the heat of the summer weather, and hopeless. Nearly breaking my thumb with a hammer I would find myself breaking down in tears, feeling overwhelmed, unqualified, weak. Not every day goes in this order but I have had so many days where I am over run with fear, anxiety and stress. From the outside looking in, I am a young female in her twenties, with half of a college degree (not in business), still living with my parents, and I am trying to run a wood working business? It does not add up. But more times than  not, whatever scenario it was that brought me to a breaking point, something would happen right in that deepest moment, something that felt like a little love pat from the Lord. One time it was receiving notification that a company featured me on their site, another it was a big sale going through, and one time it was a true answer to prayer in an email from a client. After theses moments, I was really overwhelmed, crying by the Lords goodness, and grace that He would want to give me reassurance. 


Emotions are not everything here though. This whole month I have been reading Launch Your Dream. This book has saved my little business woman butt. There was so much information in here that I did not know about at all going into this. For anyone with a side hustle or starting/running a business, you must read this. 

The part I will end with is the part of how I feel like I have gained my life back. I cherish my family and friends, and I love any time I get with them. Working for myself allows me to make a  schedule, and run a life that works best for me and those in it. I can't say how long this whirl wind will last, but even if just for this month, all I did was gain. 


I love this life. I love my job. Here's to any other boss babes out there, wishing you all the favor and happiness. 


Photos by Lindsey Plevyak