Hitting Every Major Goal in the First Year


April already -wow. This has been an insane season of life. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around how I somehow managed to hit every major goal for Rosewood co within the first year going at it full-time. If you knew me from just a few years ago, you know that I would have never guessed to be owning my own business. Or better yet, to be typing out this blog post from a coffee shop that is full to the brim with Rosewood co tables and mill work. 



Someone recently asked if I have just been living on cloud nine lately with all these huge changes in the business, and my response... well it started with just this awkward pause. Then I continued to tell her, that no, it really hasn't been cloud nine. Maybe more like cloud six or seven?

See, just last week I announced two very big changes in the company; our first time being featured in a printed publication, QC Exclusive and our partnership with West Elm in their Local Maker program. (Still doesn't feel real.)  While these two big changes in the business were announced, I was still keeping up with the day to day of Rosewood co and tackling one of the busiest production weeks in the shop. I might not have planned all the details through the best, my adrenaline was going crazy and "overwhelm" was my go-to word to describe how I felt the entire week. 

Even now, a few days after all the crazy, I still feel this numbness to it all. It just, doesn't feel real.

Rosewood co handcrafted custom tables

Taking some time to follow up with the faithful few who read this blog and type it all out definitely is helping, so shout out to you all. But I think we all get it, that when you're in the middle of it, the tears, the stress, the risk and unknown- by time the moment comes where you can stand back and see the labor of your works, it's not second nature to admire it all. For us, the ones who made the grand thing happen, the final result or the image online, its old school, its just the day to day. For everyone else, its this shiny new toy that leaves them floored with aw and wonder. 

I'm so grateful to be here typing this little rant. And I am so excited I get to say that, YES this business I started hit EVERY major goal within the first year! Insanity! But, I wanted to also share that me saying that is not easy, because my emotions just aren't always there and ready to celebrate when its time to celebrate. Which is okay.

Rosewood co handcrafted custom tables

If you have something in your hands that you want to see grow you have to nail down some realistic(and not so realistic) goals for yourself. They're like mile markers and things you can visualize to run after. Once you can visualize your goals in your head you have just tackled one of the hardest parts of making your goal a reality. You don't have to believe that goal is going to happen every day, some days suck and you want to quit. But, just having the image in your head, thinking about future you, in that moment when the goal is just a thing of the past and you are living the freakin dream -that is what is going to make it happen. 

But, of course follow through with some action steps! Day dreaming is not going get all this work done you have ahead.

It's a weird feeling seeing things you've dreamed about out in real life. It's so amazing. No one else really gets what it means too, like, you and this goal have a special bond. When it finally is out, and real and tangible to everyone else, you and this goal, you guys have history. Like a long term relationship lol. You know just how many hard days it took to get there. How many nights you had to spend crying into your pillow to get there. How you doubted yourself when things got rough. That's why its this amazing, special thing though. It almost feels like it becomes more then a goal then. It's like this reflection of yourself. You are not the same person you were when this idea was birthed. You put in the work and you achieved something and this something, has changed you. There is no going back now because now this goal is no longer a goal or dream. It is reality. 

How sweet.

If you can't tell, this journey means a lot to me. I am forever changed by Rosewood co, friends.  I hope you have something to run after that changes you. It's tough but its worth it. So keep going. My heart is so full thinking about the goal your chasing after. Best of luck. 


Rosewood co founder Janine Bithell

Let's Take a Glance at the Goals we Hit!


Local Maker for West Elm

Rosewood co tables are now available in West Elms all across the state of North Carolina!

Basal Coffee

First Commercial project, in Charlotte NC!

Donated Over $1,000 to Local Orphange!

And all within the first year!

Our Story shared in QC Exclusive

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