Going With Your Gut

Rosewood co, Custom Table

A few weeks back a gal from Instagram reached out to me about coming along side her company, Greenway Events and numerous others to partner together for a Styled Wedding Shoot. Fast forward to present time and we now have 13 different companies, creatives and entrepreneurs that have joined forces and created something so special.

I won't lie, I was a little nervous at first. See, I had to lend one of my custom tables to (at the time) a complete stranger. Who would then drive the table 3 hours away from my shop for this shoot, and then return it a few days later. I am glad to report my now friend Narcisse was totally normal and cute and she returned my table in perfect condition. (Here I was starting to worry -what if she runs off with my table and I never hear from her again?!) 

When you come to a fork in the road and your gut is giving you that urge of what to do, GO WITH IT. Every time. 

Any who, I wanted to share these lovely photos with you all and give some love to the other vendors and talents that made it all possible. Time and time again I am blown away when we see creatives come together and make something from nothing. People are so talented and gifted. I am honored that I was able to be apart of something like this. 



Rosewood co. custom table. Wedding Design
Wedding Style, Rosewood co custom dining table
Rosewood co Wedding style, custom table
wedding style, Rosewood co custom tables
Rosewood co custom dining table, Wedding Style
Rosewood co custom dining table, Wedding Styled
Rosewood co custom table. Wedding Style
Rosewood co. Custom Tables Wedding Style

If you or anyone you know is getting married soon, check these guys out!

Photographer: @andrea_woodard or Andrea Woodard Photo
Florist: @greenwayevents or Greenway Events
Venue: @cadillacservicegarage
Models: @jess.ra @miladt @kaylilafon
Hair & Makeup: @theashleywatts
Custom Table: @janinebithell
Dresses: @fabfrockscharlotte
Stationery: @papelnco
Tableware: @westelmgreensboro
Vintage Furniture Rentals: @the_prettiest_pieces
Rings: @customjewelrylab

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