December; That Means its Been Two Years and Six Months


December means a few things for me right now, that is of course besides the holidays. (yay!) It was two years ago this month that I moved back home to North Carolina and left the life I created for myself in Texas. There are so many details to that story, beautiful and unfortunate, but when I first moved to Texas (in 2013) I planned on staying there forever. I had my heart and my mind set on the fact that Texas was going to be it. 

Oh, how life turned out nothing like that.

December also means I have made it 6 months strong being an entrepreneur and running my own business. Still feels weird to say.


Some recap on Texas life for those who may not know- when I was 17, I finished high school and left straight for Waxahachie, TX. A little town just outside of Dallas that was home to a small private college I attended and a church I would spend two years interning for. I lived in TX for a total of two and a half years. While I was there I poured my everything into that church I interned at and I found family and friends that I have decided I will never let go of, even if we are miles apart at all times. 

I found family and friends that I have decided I will never let go of, even if we are miles apart at all times. 

My plan was to get a job at that church or maybe some nonprofit or get married and stay at home with some cute babies. Either way, it was always TX. I believe the reason I was so won over by the land was the people. But yes, of course, like everywhere you go there were people I did not get along with, there were countless times of worry, insecurity, and wishing to be back home. Looking back now, I think a lot of the negatives came from some unhealthy boundaries but, the point is that even with all of those unavoidable factors, I still loved the place. 

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However, towards the end of my time in TX things took a turn. I was overwhelmed with this feeling of isolation and it began to consume me. I felt trapped, lost and stressed at all times, it seemed. Finances were also getting scary, so with what felt like no other option I moved home. It was a very low time then and for the next few months being home. I didn't know what I was suppose to do. Everything I worked towards seemed to be gone. And if I was sharing all the extra details that would probably make more sense. 

So, after lots of sitting and sulking, I got up and would just try. Then I got up the strength to be walking and trying new paths out. Made wrong turns but found myself with Rosewood co along the way. Which has ended up being one of the best gifts I could of ever received. 

Rosewood co. blog post

Rosewood co has taught me so much and gave me confidence I never knew before now. It's been six months full time with RSWDco. I can't believe it. Things look different now from when I first started, when it comes to the business side of things, I mean, almost everything seems to have changed. (for the better) But, if you were to ask me personally, I would say it feels pretty much the same as Month One- lots of tears, stress and feeling overwhelmed. But more so, lots of confidence, freedom, and lots of an "I was meant for this" feeling.

I am very grateful. Very grateful for the life I had in TX and this new career. I am very grateful to be at home with my family most of all. 

Rosewood co. blog post
Rosewood co. blog post

Traveling back to TX this last weekend was so much more emotional than I anticipated it being. When I left TX, I was so down, but I came back as myself it seemed. My heart was very full that weekend down there visiting.  

Rosewood co. blog post

It's so crazy how the little details determine the outcome of our lives. Like, whether or not an Instagram post may lead to new clients and friendships. Or, choosing to get coffee with that person you met once and 5 years later you're still best friends. Or the wondering, if you would of ran out the door behind that person and said how you've felt all along, would things be the same or completely different right now.

It's the little details determine the outcome of our lives.

It's December, which means holiday cookies and christmas music on repeat. But, it also means a heart warming time of reflecting and gratitude for me and Rosewood co.  Here's to many more six months together with RSWDco and being glad for how far we've come. 

Happy Holidays  

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