Calling all Strawberry Pie Lovers


Last week we ventured over to our friend Melissa's house for lunch and chats. Her and her father in law own an amazing wood working business called, Willow & Burl, where they hand carve and craft accessories for the home. (Defenitly check them out! We're talking cutting boards, cake stands, and more!)

Anyway, Mel made the most amazing Strawberry Pie which we then made for our product shoot this week! This is by far the easiest pie to make, and truly delish.

Many of you know our Shop Foreman, Tom (my dad). If anyone is going to be a judge of a good pie- its this guy! He just would not stop going on and on about it over dinner. (see video below for a laugh)

So, if you are looking for an excuse to gather your people around the table and take back the day together this is the recipe for you. We firmly believe that our time at the table is precious and too often we race through our moments there. Our hope is that whether this pie or coffee or even Chick-fil-a you picked up on the way home, it will bring you and your people together. 

RSWD Mel's strawberry pie
RSWDco time at the table
RSWDco Strawberry pie
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