Basal Coffee Accent Wall & Bar 50% Installment

Basal Coffee Accent Wall & Bar 50% Installment


Basal Coffee Second Bar & Accent Wall

07 April 2018

The following proposal is being submitted to Bryce Laguer for the custom design and surfacing a wood accent wall and corner bar build out from Rosewood co LLC. All measurements are approximate. Installation will be performed as best possible to fit and conform to the site, conditions, and/or the work of other trades.

Scope of Work Specifications

  • Solid Red Oak boards will be custom cut and attached to the left of entrance wall from floor to

    ceiling and running left to right, covering the entire face of the single wall. The same Red Oak boards will be attached to the connecting left of entrance outside wall from floor to roughly 45” in height.

  • There will be 1x2 Oak strips on the edges to frame the wall and ensure a finished look that is modeled after the counter’s surface wall. Additionally, at every 24” center to center point where the stainless steel bar mounting brackets connect to the wall, there will be a vertical 1x2 Oak strip.

  • We will be removing sections of drywall, which will then be covered up by the finished Oak wood wall surfacing, to provide needed structural support for the solid/secured mounting of the stainless steal brackets. Our assumption is that once we remove the drywall we will have clear and usable access to the inner wall space to install a combination of wood 2x4s and 1⁄2 plywood that will provide sufficient structural construction. Should there be unforeseen obstructions, any alternative approach to accomplishing the required structural support may not be included in this scope of work.

  • There will be one joined together Red Oak “L” shape floating bar measuring 60” on the longest wall and 46” on the shorter wall length 14” wide and 2” thick, with a 42” height from finished floor to finished top. The bar will be modeled after the counter bar and have 5 stainless steel custom made brackets to support the bar. The wood will be stained Weather Oak to match all existing wood installments and finished with a restaurant grade topcoat.

  • We will provide one 2x4 electrical outlet box with a black duel receptacle and faceplate. This will be mounted horizontally, just under the bar and be “pre-wired” up and through the wall. The actual tie-in of the pre-wired wiring is yet to be determined and may not be include in this scope of work.

    Please be aware that 11% of your total before tax will be going an orphanage local to the Charlotte area. One of the core values of Rosewood co is generosity and we stand with that firmly. You can learn more about the orphanage we support through our website.

The cost of delivery and installation has been included in your total.

The on-site installation is based upon RSWDco having required access and sufficient time to preform our quoted work. We will collaborate with the owner and contractors as best we can to coordinate our efforts.


50% of the total is due prior to any building of this order. Upon receiving the payment, Rosewood co will begin work on your custom project, which will require an approximate completion time of three to four weeks prior to the installment date. Upon installment of the project, an invoice will be given for the remaining balance, which is to be paid in full at that time.

This proposal remains valid for 60 days from the date of its submission and is subject to changes as design plans are finalized.

All Sales are Final.




Square fee:$129.03


50% Due:$2,370.94

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